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Simple Steps To A Healthier Life, a program administered by Aetna InteliHealth Inc., is an interactive, online wellness program to help employers improve the health and productivity of their employees.

The program is designed with a step-by-step approach to encourage gradual behavior changes that help participants lower certain health risks.

  • Step 1: The Health Assessment (HA) assesses specific personal health needs and readiness to change certain health behaviors, and impact of health on productivity.
  • Step 2: The personalized Action Plan and online wellness programs that the participant receives are tailored to certain health risks and provide information and support for making positive health changes.
  • Step 3: Health information and tools are available to help participants make more informed health decisions.

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  • Health Assessment Tool (HA): The HA questions are written in a concise, easy-to-read format. The tool assesses more than 20 health risk factors and generates an overall health risk score based on the participants' responses.
  • Tailored Health Reports: After completing the HA, participants receive a report tailored to address specific individual health risk factors for developing certain conditions. Participants also receive a concise health summary based on their responses that they can print and share with their doctor, dentist, or other health-care provider.
  • Personalized Action Plan and Online Wellness Programs: Participants receive an Action Plan with links to our online wellness programs. These personalized programs help participants address common health and wellness topics such as weight management, diet and exercise, stress management, smoking cessation, and more.
  • Health Information, Tools And Resources: Participants have access to credible information, interactive tools, and practical resources on diseases, treatments, drugs, tests, medical terms, and more that are easy to find and can help participants make more informed health decisions.
  • Secure Online Access: Participants have the ability to register and access the program from home or work. There is no special software to buy or install.

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Simple Steps To A Healthier Life was created out of the need for better education about health and wellness and the emergence of the Internet as a pre-eminent tool for delivering health information and online wellness programs. Simple Steps To A Healthier Life promotes healthy lifestyle changes through action-oriented, behavior modification programs. We make it easy for you to discover how to lead a healthier life.

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Simple Steps To A Healthier Life offers health and wellness programs, some of which are powered by a third-party vendor. All are designed to help you shape goals, complete structured assignments and track progress.

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Aetna Inc., the creators of Simple Steps To A Healthier Life, has an experienced staff of Web-savvy technologists. The Web site is built on industry-standard software and hardware. Our Web-server application has been developed to avoid interruptions in service. If something breaks, backup components continue to keep the site operating. Our systems are located at a secure, offsite data center, which gives us one-hop access to the Internet backbone and to other carrier (ISP) networks and keeps us available to site users. This data center provides our systems with security, continuous power, plenty of bandwidth, and protection from typical environmental disturbances. We routinely monitor the capacity and use of our resources so we can develop additional capacity before problems occur.

For More Information

Employers who would like to learn more about Simple Steps To A Healthier Life should contact their Aetna representative or email

Participants can send questions to the Simple Steps To A Healthier Life customer service team by completing this information form.


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